Zinc Paris is a French streetwear brand whose name is inspired by that of the predominant material covering the heights of Haussmann buildings.

Zinc Paris is for all those who progress, who evolve, who surpass themselves, to all those who cross their own barriers, tame their fears, write their destinies and survey their existence with passion, confidence and contemplation.

The brand is an initiative of the Parisian artist Simon Nogueira .

Already in 2012 he was assembling unique designs in his room on his sewing machine (backpack, pants, sweatshirt). By sharing his life as an artist on his social networks, wearing his creations, he found that his different designs aroused the interest of his community.

He thus began to produce them, in greater quantities, by French craftsmen, so as to offer them for sale on his own site. After selling his creations for several years, he closed his shop to invest more in his acrobatic activity.

4 years later, the time to bring together some talented graphic designers, photographers and videographer around the project, the Zinc Paris brand is born.

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